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What is it for?

A hygiene session (or deep cleaning) is a routine dental treatment during which the hygienist cleans and polishes your teeth and cleans out the gums.
It is important to visit the hygienist and keep your gums healthy to prevent against periodontitis and gum disease.

How does it work?

Our hygienist will see you for a session of 25 minutes.
At each visit, the hygienist will remove all the soft and hard plaque on your teeth, as well as any staining.
They will also advise you on oral hygiene techniques to use at home.

What should I do to have white teeth?

We do offer several options for teeth whitening.
You should book in a teeth whitening consultation with the dentist to start the process where she will assess your suitability and discuss your options.

How often should I come?

It is usually recommended to see the hygienist every 6 months for a 25 minutes session.
You may need a longer session if you have not been for a long time.

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