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Tooth Extraction

What is it?

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket and is often necessary when severe decay or damage is present. Dentists typically attempt to repair the damage first before resorting to extraction. Sometimes, despite all efforts to the save the natural tooth, removal is the only option.

Why would I need to extract a tooth?

The reasons for having a tooth extracted include:

  1. Decay or damage that cannot be repaired
  2. Loose teeth that cannot be saved
  3. Extra teeth that are blocking other teeth from erupting properly
  4. Impacted wisdom teeth
  5. Teeth that have become a source of infection
  6. Baby teeth that require removal to make room for permanent teeth
  7. Teeth that must be removed in to create space for orthodontic work

What is the procedure?

Typically, the surgery is performed with local anesthesia. Tooth extractions are performed in two different ways. A simple extraction is more commonly performed and is done when the tooth is easily visible. The tooth is loosened and then removed with the use of forceps. A surgical extraction is more complex and can involve a small incision into the gum tissue. Surgical extractions are used to remove teeth that have not erupted past the gum line. In some cases, the tooth needs to broken and removed in pieces. During surgical extractions, some small amount of bone surrounding the tooth may also need to be removed.

Can all extractions be done at Gants Hill Smiles?

Yes, our dentist is highly experienced and trained to do any types of extractions, from simple to complex, including wisdom teeth extractions.