Dental CT Scan

CT Scans

What is a CT Scan?

CT scans are an X-ray procedure that uses many different X-ray images with the help of computers to generate cross-sectional or even 3D views of internal organs and structures within the body.
You will be provided a CD with the result of the CT Scan after your appointment.

What is the benefit of CT Scan compared to small X-rays?

The advantage that 3D imaging holds over regular dental x-rays is that the bone structure, bone density, tissues and nerves can be viewed clearly.
CT scans can be completed in less than half a minute.
This means that far less radiation enters the body than if a regular set of bitewing x-rays were taken.

Why would I need a CT Scan?

At Gants Hill Smiles we have the latest technology of computerized tomography scans (CT).
We are referred patients for CT scan for various reasons such as implants or wisdom teeth extractions.